About Us

Video camera at work

Our passion is inspiring and helping you to achieve exceptional results in both your personal and professional life - and to love the journey!

We help you, your team and your organisation to 'think bigger' and to explore the potential opportunities beyond your current horizon. Our process and interactions are often 'game-changing'. 

We do this by working with you through personally tailored Training, Development and Mentoring programmes and also producing multi-media communications strategies to reach larger audiences.

How we work

We don't just offer 'a strategy' and leave - we work with you to develop the practical attitudes, skills, behaviours, knowledge, processes, structures and connections needed to achieve your goals. We can give as much, or as little support as you need.

Who we work with

We work with a broad client base including blue chip companies, Government/Semi-state Bodies and the Not for Profit Sector with experience and expertise across a wide range of sectors.

Our directors

Andec was founded in 1990 by directors Annette Kinne and Declan Coyle who have extensive international experience in personal, professional and corporate development, and national award winning media production.

How we help

We listen to what your challenges are and what you want to achieve and draw on our depth of experience, knowledge and creativity to forge a successful, achievable solution - the future you desire.

We understand the real value of our work with you is in its long term impact. Game changing. Life changing.