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How to ensure your sales process and techniques are at maximum effectiveness and efficiency to generate exceptional sales growth performance each month.

This sales programme is highly customised and will develop the skills of both experienced and new sales people.

The training is run as a practical sales workshop or series of workshops by experienced sales and training professionals who have worked with many sales teams globally to transform their skills and techniques with exceptional results.

The programme may include:

  • Assessing your current sales goals and process - identifying gaps and opportunities
  • How to strengthen your prospecting and pipeline process
  • Examining and developing your sales channel options
  • Building profile, trust and your brand as an expert in your field so that customers seek you out
  • How to use social media platforms and tools appropriate for your sector to drive sales
  • Analysing your product knowledge and giving guidelines for developing key message fact sheets
  • Developing your understanding of your target customer's problems and how your product or service solves these problems better than competitors
  • Supporting facts and statistics - identifying examples of similar companies you work with and brief case studies to help customers feel comfortable and confident in buying from you
  • Techniques for dealing with gate keepers
  • Preparation before the sale - the steps and focusing on your objective for the call or meeting
  • How to conduct a persuasive sales conversation- essential elements
  •  Building rapport and the importance of being authentic
  • Active listening skills and responding to the prospect's concerns - listening for and responding to 'gems'
  • Your pace and tone
  • How to qualify prospects - your essential questions/criteria
  • How to engage the prospect in the conversation
  • Speaking the client’s language, understanding the client’s criteria 
  • The role of perception and unchecked assumptions - how to ask more effective questions
  • Hearing the feelings - understanding your customers decision making is based on: emotion then logic
  • The importance of body language - yours and your customers
  • Dealing well with objections and 'challenging' clients
  • How to use check close questions effectively
  • How to ask closing questions to gain commitment and to confirm the sale
  • How to effectively up-sell
  • How to close the conversation with next steps
  • Sales time management - essential steps for success
  • Tips and hints for successful sales interactions
  • Post sales process and CRM
  • Ensuring a continuous process of development and improvement 
  • in your sales skills and processes
  • How to help you maintain focus, enthusiasm and high morale and to deal well with 'rejection' - Red and Green Platform thinking

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