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Executive Personal Development

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An organisation's future and ability to thrive depends on the quality of its executives.

This programme helps executives develop their thinking, skills and strategies so they are equipped to lead and inspire their teams to exceptional growth and success.

This programme is customised to the individual and develops executives in a bespoke one-to-one programme. 

Topics include:

  • Assessment of the executives strengths and development needs personally, as well as within the context of their organisation
  • Personal 'state' management - showing executives specific simple psychology techniques to help them create and maintain a positive mindset, motivation and focus within a stressful, hectic environment
  • Understanding the difference between the mindset of a leader vs a manager
  • Strategic thinking - how to see the big picture and take a longer range, broader business perspective.
  • Developing a strong brand image as being someone of authority who adds value and is respected and listened to
  • Knowing how to develop the presence of an executive leader who has excellent communication skills to influence, persuade and inspire at all levels of the organisation from the boardroom to the 'factory floor'
  • How to lead, mentor, support, motivate and build a team to better achieve common goals
  • Understanding their own and others personality types so that they can better connect with, influence and motivate others
  • How to be a visionary catalyst for change - able to implement and sustain positive change
  • How to effectively achieve more, in less time, through consistent simple time management techniques
  • How to effectively manage conflict and conflicting goals amongst teams
  • How to achieve a sustainable healthy work/life balance and perspective to power motivation and energy for success into the future

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