Organisation and Team Culture Development


Organisation and Team Culture Development

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Organisation and team culture drives how we do what we do.

This programme helps organisations to understand how shared values, norms and behaviours are at the heart of a company's culture and determines whether staff and customers view that organisation with warmth or contempt.

Company culture is one of the prime drivers for exceptional success and directly impacts staff morale and retention, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This programme can be adapted to suit both established companies seeking to improve their corporate culture and new companies wanting to forge a strong, positive culture.

The training covers

  • The impact of company culture on staff, customers and company performance
  • How to assess and define your organisation's current culture or 'personality'
  • Identifying what's working and what's not with your current culture
  • Identifying guiding values, norms and behaviours you want in your organisation
  • How to distill the 'critical few' values and culture messages - to create a 'lived' culture, and not a brochure or slogans on the wall 'culture'
  • Examining unspoken negative cultural norms: e.g., 'Do what I say not what I do', ' We encourage open discussion (but if you challenge things you will be seen as a poor team player)'
  • Overcoming pitfalls in changing corporate culture
  • Concrete steps to embedding a new positive corporate culture
  • Creating and identifying informal and formal 'culture' ambassadors
  • Ensuring new culture buy-in throughout the organisation
  • Dealing with skepticism and push back
  • Leading from the top - the importance of congruence
  • Recognising good practice and linking best practice to company goals, objectives and programmes
  • Taking the culture viral across the organisation
  • Minding and keeping company values and culture on track over time

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