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How to build a high performance team that harnesses individual excellence to deliver exceptional results.

High performance teams don't happen by accident. This programme creates the mindset, attitudes and skills needed to develop individuals who understand the incredible value of working collaboratively towards critical team goals.

Your team will learn the practical skills and structures needed to create a team that delivers together far more than the individuals acting alone. 

The programme can be customised for managers, team leaders, or teams.

The programme includes:

  • Creating a high performance team culture and values
  • Relationship building to harness the strengths of each within a supportive and inclusive team environment
  • The importance of the individual in a team
  • Why maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude is critical
  • Balancing the three interlocking team needs – the Individual, the task and the team
  • The critical differences between a team and a group
  • The connection between self-Image, self esteem, individual and team development
  • Team goal setting and goal achievement
  • The importance of open inter-personal communication
  • How to inspire and influence other team members by understanding what motivates the 9 different personality types
  • How self-talk affects performance
  • The power of creative visualisation for team performance
  • Developing 'leadership' qualities in all team members
  • The Synergy Journey from Dependence to Inter-Dependence
  • How to hold efficient and effective meetings
  • Problem Solving vs Decision Making
  • Converting Problems into Opportunities
  • How to deal with conflict and sensitive issues within the team
  • How to support team energy, creativity, appreciation and celebration of team achievements
  • How to develop a team action plan and an implementation accountability system to keep on track

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