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How to ensure your Performance Management System and review discussions between managers and staff deliver a positive and hugely productive outcome.

Many managers and staff shudder when they hear it's  Performance Management review time. They see it as more work with little return -  a certain sign that either the system is poor or the manager's are not using it well.

This programme delivers the insights and skills to ensure managers are able to work the Performance Management process as their most powerful tool for  transforming performance and motivating staff.

The course can be customised to guide companies in either developing a robust and practical Performance Management System; developing the skills of managers in the effective implementation of the system; or to help staff engage with the process in a meaningful way.

The programme may cover:

  • The Performance Management System - a key powerful management tool
  • Assessing the pros and cons of your current system
  • Developing a system that fits your company culture
  • Preparing for the Performance Review– The Steps
  • Employee Self Review
  • The difference between job profiles and objectives
  • How to set SMART Objectives
  • The value of weighting objectives
  • The 40/60 Talk time 'rule'
  • How to skillfully manage the review discussion
  • Follow–up and Coaching
  • How to write a concise, useful Performance Review - how much detail?
  • Ratings - pros and cons and how to use well
  • Linking Training & Development to Job Requirements
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts
  • The structure of the interview – Introduction, middle and wrap/li>
  • How to deliver constructive feedback
  • How to tackle sensitive issues
  • How to deal with aggressive/passive behaviour
  • How to describe the behaviour that you want – being clear and not too vague
  • Looking for solutions and agreeing follow up action plans
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Balancing the good with the ‘bad’
  • How to motivate the employee to do better
  • How to achieve attitude and behaviour change in your employee
  • What to do when there are disagreements over the Performance Review
  • How to deal with questions about financial rewards - context, benchmarking, appreciation and incentive/motivation.
  • How your Attitude/Feelings/Body language can sabotage the discussion
  • Ensuring the discussion leaves employees feeling highly motivated, clear on goals and feeling valued and supported

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