Sales Pitches and Presentations


Sales Pitches and Presentations

How to ensure your sales pitches and presentations really showcase your product and service in a clear and memorable way so that your customers feel they really want to buy from you, rather than from anyone else.

Sales pitches and presentations come in different formats from the very formal pitch with carefully crafted slides presented to a room full of people, to less formal presentations of your product or service when simply talking with existing and potential clients.

Both are powerful sales opportunities that can set you apart from competitors. But, often a weakness in some element of the presentation undermines the impact and effectiveness of the message and customers do not feel compelled to buy from you. 

Sales presentations executed well create an excitement and desire in customers for immediately wanting the solution you are providing to their problems.

The programme includes:

  • Examining and understanding the dynamics of your specific sales pitch\presentation environment
  • Analysing your customer's problems and needs that your product/service can solve so as to be able to create a very 'customer focused' presentation
  • Developing and refining your core messages - the points your customer must understand and know by the time you finish your presentation
  • Choosing the presentation aids that will best help you to ensure your audience fully understands the value of your product/service, e.g., Powerpoint/Keynote slides, videos, photographs, animations, product samples, tests, testimonials, case studies, etc.
  • How to structure a powerful presentation - opening hook, outlining the challenge the customer faces and how your product or service can best solve their problem, facts and stats, and a call to action/next steps
  • Developing you and your team's presentation skills - from your image and dress to your use of body language, tone of voice and delivery of the key messages
  • How to create a high level of interaction with your audience to get them involved in the presentation 'discussion' - how to effectively achieve a high level of engagement with either a  small or large audience
  • How to deal with difficult questions or objections
  • How to manage challenging or even hostile audiences
  • Slide development - ensuring slides are visually impactful, highlight key messages and are not cluttered
  • Psychology tools to help you build your confidence and control nerves before and during the presentation
  • Voice, body language and breathing exercises to ensure your perform with a high level of skill and impact

This programme uses video feedback to fast track learning and presentation behaviour development.

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