Media Interview Skills and Interview Preparation


Media Interview Skills and Interview Preparation

 Media Interview Skills and Interview Preparation

How to ensure you deliver an excellent media interview with confidence and impact.

This programme covers all aspects of preparation for print, radio and TV interviews including key messaging development, confidence building techniques and media image and grooming advice.

It can be tailored to suit both experienced media performers, as well as those who are preparing for their first interview.

The course is run by one of Ireland's most experienced media professionals who has worked in all aspects of media including 5 TV stations globally.

We have prepared government ministers, CEO's and senior executives of Blue Chip companies, Professional Bodies and Unions, as well as the Not for Profit sector.  We also work closely with some PR Companies and provide specialist media training for their clients.

The programme puts the interviewee through their paces in a series of mock interviews with video feedback to ensure they are well prepared to deliver an excellent interview.

We have prepared Interviewees for interviews with business, technical and general newspapers and magazines, radio programmes such as Morning Ireland, The Sean O'Rourke Show, Marion Finucane, The Business, Liveline, The Pat Kenny Show, The Last Word, Drive Time and Prime Time and RTE News and Current Affairs.

Topics covered depending on your needs:

  • Print, Radio and TV interviews and how to deal effectively with each
  • Differences between Live and Pre-Recorded Broadcast Interviews
  • Thinking visually – Picture opportunities and pitfalls
  • Understand your audience - How this influences your approach
  • Identifying your goals – What you need to achieve in the interview
  • How to capture and hold your audience’s attention
  • Engagement – How to be compelling to look at and listen to
  • Jargon and Clichés –  How to keep your messaging fresh
  • Eye Contact – How to use it during TV interviews
  • Voice pitch, pace and tone – Add variety and create interest
  • Using humour appropriately
  • How to use statistics and anecdotes for impact
  • How to identify and develop clear messaging
  • How to use examples, anecdotes and statistics effectively
  • Conveying essential information/views in a memorable fashion
  • How to ‘control’ an interview
  • How to avoid interview pitfalls
  • Panel discussion etiquette
  • How to ensure you get your fair share of air time
  • Use of ‘Breaker Phrases’ to interrupt without appearing rude
  • Knowing Radio/TV studio protocol
  • Body Language – What works
  • Memory techniques for remembering your points
  • How to trouble-shoot difficult questions
  • Dealing with challenging journalists/presenters
  • Image and dos and don’ts of dressing for the camera
  • Psychology techniques to build confidence and calm nerves

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