Executive Job Interview Preparation


Executive Job Interview Preparation

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How to ensure you perform strongly and show the best of your talent and experience at that all important job interview.

This programme is mainly aimed at executive candidates, but is also excellent for preparing younger, less experienced job interview candidates.

The Interview preparation process may include:

  • Help from our consultant to write your application to ensure you are capturing the most important information in your application. This can involve the consultant interviewing the candidate to gather information to write the application or simply reviewing a candidate's application for feedback to strengthen the application.
  • 2.5 - 3 hour Interview Preparation Workshop

The workshop includes:

  • Interview skills best practice and advice
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • Identifying your key messaging and experience or achievements to show you meet the new job requirements
  • An understanding of where impact comes from during a job interview - your physical presence, voice and key messaging points
  • Grooming and clothes for the interview
  • Mock interviews using video tape feedback and replay
  • Assessment of your perceived strengths and weaknesses and how to emphasise strengths and minimise weaknesses
  • How to connect with your interview panel
  • Questions for the interview panel
  • Simple psychology and physical techniques for calming nerves and building confidence before and during the interview

We have an excellent success rate in helping candidates achieve success in job interviews. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximise your chances of achieving your dream job.

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