Video and Telephone Conference Call Skills


Video and Telephone Conference Call Skills

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How to come across with authority, impact and 'presence' on telephone and video conference calls.

Conference calls have become one of the dominant forms of communication between virtual teams, clients and suppliers in our multi-cultural global business world. But, many people feel they are failing to create the impact they need.

This programme gives best practice tips and processes, as well as using video workshops to develop your practical communication skills so that you become more proactive and effective during your Conference Calls.

The programme includes:

  • Where impact comes from during conference calls
  • How to maximise your presence and impact
  • Simple psychological techniques for building your confidence in making more effective conference calls
  • Thinking strategically - preparing and structuring call objectives whether you are the chair or participant
    • Conference call communication skills – Active listening & questioning Skills to maximise influence
    • How to be concise and clear on conference calls
    • The Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic use of language
    • How to deal with awkward gaps or silences during conference calls
    • How to answer or perform with confidence during a conference call
    • Appropriate use of pace and tone during conference calls
    • Recognising different personality types and how to best deal with these
    • How to effectively diffuse and manage conflict during a call
    • Time management during conference calls to ensure the most efficient use of time
    • Best practice conference call guidelines
    • Cross–cultural teams – language and cultural considerations and strategies
    • Image and dress do's and don'ts for appearing on video conference calls

    Please call today to discuss how we can help you and your team become more effective in conference calls and build the brand of you team with your global audience.

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