Declan Coyle

Declan Coyle

Declan Coyle – Director

Declan Coyle is the creator of The Green Platform system and founding director of Andec Communications. He is one of Ireland’s most internationally experienced Leadership Training & Development consultants. He is also much sought after as a Conference Keynote speaker. Declan has delivered specialist programmes on leadership, management, sales and organisational development to clients in Ireland, the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, China and Australia.

Declan’s unique Green Platform ‘inner software’ process revealed in his best selling books The Green Platform and Living the Green Platform has revolutionised leadership thinking and performance and transformed the morale, productivity and profitability of companies across the globe.

Declan has worked with government ministers, government departments, semi-state bodies, multi-national companies, SME’s and charities.

His success as a key motivator for Business Leaders has in recent years been harnessed in the sports arena where he has given regular goal setting and mental strength motivational sessions to a number of National GAA teams and he has also worked with the Kentucky Wildcats when they won the National Basketball Title in the U.S.

Declan is fluent in a number of languages including Mandarin and has a Masters degree in theology and an STL from his post-graduate work at Ottawa University and St Paul University in Canada.

Declan has produced many articles on leadership, management, sales strategies, communications, teamwork and change management.

Declan is a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development. He is also a Master Practitioner in NLP and a certified Enneagram teacher.