Developing Leadership Skills



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How to become an even greater leader who inspires and invigorates a team who are either not performing to their potential, or who are high performing, but need an additional boost to reach the next level?

This programme is for senior executives who are looking for fresh insights, thinking and strategies to develop their skills and approach to motivating and getting the very best from their teams.

Each programme is customised to the individual leader or group of senior managers.

Areas of focus

  • Qualities and habits of inspirational leaders
  • The difference between leaders and managers
  • A process for creating agreed team vision, mission and goals
  • How to create a Green Platform proactive Team and company culture
  • Techniques to influence and motivate different personality types
  • How to create high focus, morale and energy in yourself & others
  • Building trust - in you and between team members
  • Managing the challenge of change
  • Developing your personal leadership action plan

Each programme is based around your individual challenges or goals as a leader. We are very happy to listen to you and discuss how we might help you.

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