Effective Business Meeting Skills


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 Effective Business Meeting Skills

How to run meetings effectively so that more decisions are achieved in less time.

These days many people's schedules are packed with back-to-back meetings, leaving no time to get the actual work done!

This programme shows how to structure and run much more efficient meetings using best practice techniques.

The programme covers:

  • The 3 steps to holding successful meetings:
    • Preparation before the meeting
    • Running the meeting
    • Followup after the meeting
  • Roles and responsibilities of the meeting chairperson/leader
  • How to actively chair a meeting for best results
  • How to manage different personality styles
  • Roles and responsibilities of meeting attendees
  • How to present your point-of-view with impact and authority
  • Identifying goals for the meeting - what needs to be achieved
  • How to construct a quality agenda
  • Creating an inclusive, productive culture within the group -agreement on how you operate as a group
  • Process for gathering input from participants who can't attend so decisions are not held up
  • The value of disseminating good, succinct briefing notes
  • Being strategic - the role of lobbying in winning support for your recommendations
  • How to be sensitive to language and cultural differences in global meetings
  • Tips and strategies for time-keeping so important issues are not rushed
  • Creating an effective meeting structure to ensure good minute taking, tracking of activities and accountability
  • Importance of quick turn around minutes/action plan
  • Building your brand image as a quality contributor and key influencer within the meeting
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