Exceptional Customer Care


Exceptional Customer Care

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How to achieve consistently exceptional customer care in a fiercely, competitive market place.

This programme can be adapted to suit the concerns and responsibilities of senior management teams, or staff who produce and deliver the product or service to customers. 

We cover all aspects of exceptional customer care from your company's culture, ethos and attitudes towards your customers, as well as communications, procedures, processes and quality controls that either ensure your customers love or loath you!

The programme includes:

  • Importance of company culture & values on staff attitudes and behaviours
  • Impact of staff self image on the quality of customer interactions
  • Why 3 out of 4 TQM programmes don't deliver what they promise
  • The connection between internal and external customers
  • Assessing our current customer care reality - internal and external
  • What our customers think and feel - how do we know?
  • Identifying what constitutes exceptional customer care for our customers
  • Reviewing and removing our 'rocks in the road'- processes, procedures, products, services
  • How we build strong loyal customer relationships and our brand
  • Assessing customer communications 'touchpoints': email, telephone, face-to-face, and social media
  • Developing an action plan for delivering exceptional customer care
  • How to bed down implementation and a continuous improvement system - The GPBS 

Call us today to discuss your customer care concerns and how we could help you develop and adopt exceptional customer care in your company. 

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