Influencing and Persuasion Skills


Communications and Influencing Skills

 Communications, PR and Media Strategic Planning

How to become significantly more successful in influencing and persuading others whether at board level, very senior management, colleagues, direct reports, customers or suppliers.

This programme reveals techniques that will dramatically enhance an individual’s ability to engage, inspire and skillfully move others from entrenched positions to seeing new possibilities.  It develops skills that will help maximise buy-in and support from others for your goals or point-of-view.

This course strikes a balance between theory and helping participants to hone skills and strategies for immediate implementation.  

The programme includes:

  • Influence: What is it and How do we Develop it
  • The ‘Laws of Influence’
  • Compliance vs Active Support and the Impact of Positional Power
  • How our Attitudes and Beliefs can Sabotage our Ability to Influence
  • Influencing Tools:
    • The 4 dynamics of Active Listening 
    • Questioning Skills – Questions that Reveal the Keys to Influence
    • Building Rapport - Why and How
  • The Red and Green Platform's 4 Tools for Recognising Influencing Blocks and How to Remove them
  • The 3 steps for Troubleshooting Difficult Influencing Discussions
  • Simple and Effective Conflict Resolution Steps
  • 9 Personality Styles and How to Influence each Effectively 

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