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How to develop a more positive mindset, high morale and team spirit within your school, while giving teachers the skills needed to deal with high stress and challenging situations. 

Andec's Declan Coyle has delivered his Green Platform workshops to teachers in hundreds of primary, post primary schools and third level institutions throughout Ireland giving them unique, simple, practical skills to develop and maintain their own energy and focus, so that they can in turn provide excellent teaching to their students.

This programme has been rolled out to schools struggling to cope with the stress of heavy curriculum workloads, stretched resources, tragedies such as suicides or accidents involving students and staff, and schools that have amalgamated and need to forge a new single identity.

The programme is customised to deal with the challenges facing each individual school and can include:

  • Creating and strengthening a positive, high energy culture of excellence within your school - culture powers strategy
  • Developing a purposeful, meaningful vision for the future and implementing that vision with energy, enthusiasm and excitement
  • Time management, energy management and thought management to power exceptional results that everyone can feel good about
  • How to choose and embed a positive Green Platform culture within the school rather than a negative Red Platform culture
  • Understanding the power of your internal 'choices' that create a Green Platform culture - the meanings we assign to events, questions we ask about those events, beliefs we hold and metaphors we use
  • How to switch from the poison of the 'energy vampire' mentality, who when negative events occur ,see themselves as victims moaning, blaming and complaining to empowered people who choose their responses and focus on solutions and the outcomes they want
  • How to embrace change, be resilient and bounce back form setbacks large or small
  • How to embrace an 'If it is to be it's up to me' mentality - lighting fires in colleagues and students rather than under them
  • How to use the Green Platform to boost personal productivity by up to one third
  • Recognising that on the Red Platform we make excuses, but on the Green Platform we make it happen
  • Ensuring your school embeds a joyful ethos - a positive 'can do' innovative, proactive, creative and compassionate Green Platform culture where teachers and students not only achieve, but exceed their learning goals
  • How to achieve a great work/life balance by focusing on the 20% of things that deliver exceptional results rather than the 80% of activities that deliver little
  • Stress reduction and self care to ensure high energy and happiness both at school and at home

Please call today to discuss how we can help support your teachers by developing  a Green Platform culture within your school.

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