Parents’ Association Development Programme


Parents’ Association Development Programme

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How to help equip Parent's Association's and parent bodies with the resilience and insights to better meet the challenges of raising sons and daughters in an increasingly stressful and challenging world.

This programme often takes the form of a keynote presentation to parents to help them better understand their own 'default' settings and thinking when communicating with their children.

It gives them the insights and steps to be able to communicate and connect with their children in a more positive and productive way. This in turn leads to and fosters stronger relationships with their children.

The programme includes:

  • The increasing challenges of modern parenting
  • How our own upbringing has formed our thinking and parenting style and how it may need 'developing' to meet the challenges of modern parenting
  • Recognising our own 'triggers' and default settings for reacting to issues with our children
  • Understanding when and how parent's can choose different responses in heated situations to achieve better outcomes
  • Red and Green Platform thinking and how it can transform and strengthen our relationships with our children
  • How changing our thinking and response to stressful situations and environments can make us more resilient and better equipped to deal well with stressful situations
  • Understanding how to remain mentally strong and able to cope well when tragic situations occur within your child's school
  • How to forge the best possible outcomes from difficult situations and maintain morale, energy and passion to move forward in a positive way

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