Board of Management Development Programme


Board of Management Development Programme

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How to create and embed a culture of positivity, motivation, vision, cohesion and effectiveness within your Board of Directors.

This programme can be customised to address specific challenges your Board is facing or simply provide insights to take a well functioning Board of Directors to the next level of performance .

The programme may cover:

  • Importance of a positive culture and mind set within your Board
  • Setting vision, mission and values - The North Star
  • Creating a collaborative and healthy supportive ethos
  • Effectiveness of your Board - processes & behaviours
  • Recognising and utilising the strengths of Board members
  • Gaps within the Board member’s experience and expertise
  • How different personalities can communicate more effectively
  • Effective and ineffective board room behaviours
  • Agreeing and setting performance measures
  • Effective board meetings and processes
  • The difference between constructive and destructive challenges
  • Board room Presentation Skills
  • Strategies for developing relationships with key stakeholders

Each programme is based around your Board’s development needs or goals. We are very happy to discuss any challenges and how we might help you.

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