Staff Recruitment and Interview Skills


Staff Recruitment and Interview Skills

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How to ensure your staff recruitment process attracts and distills the best quality candidates and that your interviewing skills help you identify and recruit the best person for the job and your company.

Choosing the right person can be the difference between a huge positive boost to your team and a costly disaster.

This programme is run as a workshop with many practical skills exercises and is designed to help you understand best practice steps around recruitment and interviewing to ensure you get the best person with the skills, experience, track record and attitude you need.

It also helps you avoid interview and recruitment pitfalls that could land you in hot water.

The course director has served on many interview panels and prepared senior executives for job interviews so understands the recruitment process from the inside out.

The programme includes:

  • The impact of selection mistakes
  • Analysing your current selection process
  • Assessing your company's job adverts and role descriptions and competencies
  • Developing your interview skills
  • How to conduct Competency Based Interviews
  • How to work as an interview ‘team’ when conducting panel interviews
  • How to implement active listening skills
  • How to use the different types of questions to learn more of value about your candidate and their skills and experience
  • How to assess a candidate's track record of achievements within a role and the real value they have added
  • Identifying and addressing interview “GEMS”
  • Pitfalls of job Interviews - common mistakes
  • Blind spots - How Different Personality Types have different interview styles and the impact of this on candidate performance and interviewer candidate choice
  • The value of using skills tests as part of your interview process where appropriate
  • Checklist on the law - what you can and can't ask during interviews
  • CV’s Fact or Fiction? How to validate
  • Note taking during interviews so as not to distract
  • Developing assessment templates and marking criteria
  • Interviewer Pitfalls
  • Assessing the HR dynamic in your company. Why some people work out  and other’s don’t and why some stay and other’s leave quickly – churn rates and how to avoid them
  • How to deal with first and second stage interviews and the compensation negotiation
  • The probationary period - using it well

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