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Are you a team leader that needs to reinvigorate your team? Do you want to enhance your leadership skills to help your team reach the next level of success?

The Leadership Development Programme is for senior executives who are looking for fresh insights, strategies and management techniques to dramatically improve their approach to people management, motivation and helping their teams achieve their full potential.

Who is this for?

This programme is perfect for team leaders, senior management and C-level personnel.

Course Features

This course may include:

Walk the walk:

We examine the qualities and habits frequently found in inspirational leaders. We look at how and why they develop and maintain these behaviour patterns and mentalities, and how they form part of the platform from which success is launched. We introduce the idea of Green Platform thinking, and how to use this to create a proactive and effective organisational culture.

Create clarity and unity:

We help you develop processes for creating a unified team vision, mission and identifying team goals. You will develop the flexibility and knowledge needed to successfully influence different personality types. You will learn how to build trust between you and your team, and manage the challenge of change throughout. Our programme is not just about developing your management skills. It will give you the tools and knowledge to become a truly inspirational leader within your organisation.

Personal development:

Being a leader means continuously developing and adapting your skills to help support your team in whatever way they require. We help you develop your personal leadership action plan to ensure you are constantly enhancing your skills. You will learn how to reach and maintain a high level of focus, morale and energy both personally and in those around you.