Effective Negotiation Skills


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 Effective Business Meeting Skills

How to analyse and prepare your case for important negotiations as well as developing the skills to perform as an excellent negotiator in pressured situations. 

This programme is customised to suit the level of experience and skill of the participant/s and can be delivered at both an introductory and advanced level.

Programme content:

  • Negotiation Analysis from all perspectives: Yours, other party, context, history, factors outside your control, competitor analysis
  • Identifying and defining your optimum desired outcomes
  • Identifying your deal breaker point and negotiating 'chips'- Must haves, Like to haves and Nice to haves. Preparing high value/low cost propositions.
  • Strategic thinking - how to use this negotiation process to position and achieve other business goals. 
  • How to prepare and structure negotiation documents or presentations
  • Assessing the other party's negotiation team: their negotiation style, strengths, weaknesses, points of particular concern
  • Strategies for dealing with the 9 Different Negotiation Styles 
  • Team negotiation tactics
  • Relationship and rapport building strategies 
  • Interpersonal communication skills and building self awareness
  • Negotiation Active Listening Skills and Questioning Skills
  • The Green Platform - 4 keys to Influencing and building confidence 
  • How attitudes towards self and others determine the dynamic 
  • Strategies for negotiating for maximum buy-in
  • How to deploy negotiation bargaining ‘chips’ to achieve agreement
  • The importance of the negotiating ’tone’ you set 
  • How to counter the other party’s arguments in a positive way
  • How to break a stalemate
  • How to apply pressure levers to gain a decision
  • How to demonstrate the advantages for both sides - win/win
  • Positioning yourself and your team positively within the market  
This workshop will also involver tough negotiation role-plays and presentations using video feedback to build immediate skills.

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